10 Most Popular Beers in Pennsylvania for the Last 90 Days

Published: May 15, 2024
Side by side photo of a can of Troegs Independent Brewing Nugget Nectar and Yuengling Lager

We understand that as a brewer or brewery owner, it’s essential to understand trends in areas such as beer styles and packaging. For the former, Untappd Analytics, a part of the Next Glass family of brands that includes Ollie, Untappd for Business, Hop Culture, and BeerAdvocate, among others, aggregates uber-local next-level data from the worldwide craft beer industry to give you insight into trends in your neighborhood.

Whether you’re seeking data locally or worldwide, the Untappd app provides an unprecedented look at consumer trends thanks to data from more than eleven million registered users.

This information will be vital to answering some of your questions, whether you’re looking to build your brew calendar, choose a brand to market for distribution to retailers, or decide what to pour on draft at your tasting room.

We’ve previously covered the most popular beers in California, Texas, and North Carolina.

In this piece, we’ll break down the most checked-in beers in Pennsylvania over the past ninety days to give you an idea of the magnitude of data we have at our finger tips through Untappd Analytics.

Above photography courtesy of John A Paradiso | Hop Culture (on the left) and Yuengling (on the right)

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Pennsylvania: The Most Checked-In State in the Nation

Untappd check-in data for the state of Pennsylvania

Graphic courtesy of Untappd Analytics

No other state compares to Pennsylvania in terms of total check-ins year over year. According to the Brewers Association, Pennsylvania is home to 530 breweries, which ranks third in the nation.

And despite being smaller than other states we’ve written about, Pennsylvania tops the charts when it comes to check-ins.

Looking at data over the past five-plus years since the start of 2019, which is as far back as the data goes, Pennsylvania has just shy of twenty-nine million check-ins, nearly six million more than the next state on the list, California. Over the past year, Pennsylvania logged nearly one million more check-ins than second-ranked California: 3.7 million to 2.8 million.

To date, Pennsylvania has recorded about 200,000 more check-ins than California. Over the past ninety days, the state ranks first with 826,676 check-ins, about one hundred and fifty thousand more than the second-ranked state, California, which had 678,870 check-ins.

The 826,676 check-ins across the state—down 163,512 from the previous three months—mainly took place in Philadelphia (268,244 check-ins) and Pittsburgh (168,927). No other regions across the state have more than seventy-two thousand check-ins.

Without question, Pennsylvanians consistently check in beers in waves. Let’s peek at what the beer drinkers in the state have checked in most over the past three months.

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The 10 Most Popular Beers in Pennsylvania – Last 90 Days

A promotional photo for Troegs Independent Brewing Graffiti Highway IPA

Photography courtesy of Tröegs Independent Brewing

Unsurprisingly, IPAs dominate the list of most checked-in beers in the state, though most are towards the bottom of the top ten.

Troegs Independent Brewing lands on the list five times, including the top spot with Graffiti Highway IPA, which logged 6,215 check-ins, about 2,500 more than Guinness Draught Stout in second place with 3,751 check-ins.

Other styles in the top ten include bock (three), American ale (four and ten), and light lager (five).

  1.     Graffiti Highway IPA (IPA-American) – Tröegs Independent Brewing
  1.     Guinness Draught (Stout-Irish Dry) – Guinness
  1.     Little ‘Nator (Bock-Single/Traditional) – Tröegs Independent Brewing
  1.     Traditional Lager (Lager-American Amber/Red) – Yuengling Brewery
  1.     Miller Lite (Lager-American Light) – Miller Brewing Company
  1.     Broken Heels (IPA-New England/Hazy) – New Trail Brewing Co.
  1.     Perpetual IPA (IPA-American) – Tröegs Independent Brewing
  1.     Fiddlehead IPA (IPA-American) – Fiddlehead Brewing Company
  1.     Graffiti Highway Double IPA (IPA-Imperial/Double) – Tröegs Independent Brewing
  1.     Nugget Nectar (Red Ale-Imperial/Double) – Tröegs Independent Brewing
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