10 Most Popular Beers in North Carolina for the Last 90 Days

Published: July 26, 2023
wicked weed pernicious and noda brewing lil slurp american ipa

Ollie is a part of the Next Glass family of brands, which includes Untappd, Untappd for Business, Hop Culture, and BeerAdvocate, among others. With that in mind, we have access to vast data on craft beer drinkers on the world’s largest social networking platform at our fingertips.

We can show you what beers Untappd drinkers consume the most in any given area, what styles are trending, and which are taking a turn downwards.

With over 10 million registered users, Untappd can easily tap into the trends and insights of drinkers in any city, state, region, and beyond.

Analyzing these behaviors and purchasing habits can help you to make crucial business decisions, including, but not limited to, what beers to brew next, what styles to stock on your shelves, or what beers to put on tap.

To show you the power of Untappd’s analytics, we’re breaking down the most checked-in beers in North Carolina over the last ninety days.

(Photography courtesy of @wickedweedbrewing (on the left) and @nodabrewing (on the right))

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North Carolina: The Tenth Most Checked-In Region on Untappd in 2022

untappd most check-ins by region

Graphic courtesy of Untappd

Two years ago, North Carolina cracked Untappd’s “Top 10 Cities of 2021” with two cities—Asheville and Charlotte. Both powerhouses in their own right, these cities have helped propel the entire state of North Carolina to the number ten spot with just over 1.7M check-ins in 2022.

For many years, Asheville ranked as one of the top beer cities in America, clocking in with the eighth most venue check-ins at 226.5k in 2021. Nestled in the western North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville has made a name for itself as a craft beer mecca with popular spots such as Burial Beer Co., Zilicoah Beer Co., Hi-Wire Brewing, and more.

Recently Charlotte has attracted renowned breweries like Weathered Souls, Hi-Wire, and Monday Night.

All make North Carolina one serious drinking state.

Here’s a peek at what beers people have checked in the most in North Carolina for the last ninety days.

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The 10 Most Popular Beers in North Carolina - Last 90 Days

wicked weed brewing pernicious american ipa

Photography courtesy of @wickedweedbrewing | Wicked Weed Brewing

Unsurprisingly, the IPA category dominates the most checked-in beers in North Carolina, with the “American IPA” category accounting for six of the top ten spots. “New England/Hazy IPA” follows suit with two beers in the top five. And as a whole, a sub-style of IPA accounts for eight out of the top ten beers.

Take a look:

1. Pernicious (American IPA) – Wicked Weed Brewing

2. Perni-Haze (New England/Hazy IPA) – Wicked Weed Brewing

3. Cheerwine Ale (American Wheat) – NoDa Brewing Company

4. Lil SLURP (New England/Hazy IPA) – NoDa Brewing Company

5. Mountain Candy IPA (American IPA) – Sycamore Brewing

6. Red Oak (Amber/Red Lager) – Red Oak Brewery

7. Surf Wax (American IPA) – Burial Beer Co.

8. Beach Candy IPA (American IPA) – Sycamore Brewing

9. Juicy Jay (American IPA) – Legion Brewing Company

10. Hop Drop ‘N Roll (American IPA) – NoDa Brewing Company

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Grace holds her Masters degree in the Food Studies program at NYU.

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