Cost of Goods Sold

Get insight into the costs associated with each batch to enable smarter, data-driven business decisions

Watch How Your Money Flows Through Your Brewery

Operating a brewery is much more than producing incredible craft beer. Finding success means making decisions driven by data.

Ollie can deliver your Cost of Goods Sold, commonly referred to as COGS, to help you better understand how much it costs to produce your products so you can make smarter, calculated business decisions.

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Understand Your Costs Before You Go to Brew

Building your recipes in Ollie delivers a complete cost breakdown for each style. From your hop and grain bill to your mash, Ollie's recipe manager will help you stay organized and ensure your costs are under control.
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Insight Into How Much You're Spending on Packaging

Ollie dives into the detail to show you exactly how much your brewery is spending on packaging costs at a batch level. Track everything from can lids to bottle caps, and everything in between.

Ollie Is the Easy and Affordable Way to Uncover Your True Cost of Goods Sold

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Flexible Pricing

With options to match what your operation needs, Ollie easily fits into any budget.

Grows With You

Ollie can easily scale as your brewery grows and business needs evolve.

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It's Time to Get Control of Costs

Success in the maturing craft beverage market means responsible spending backed by data-driven decisions. Ollie delivers the tools you need to control your costs and more!

Let's connect and chat about your brewery, the challenges, and the goals you're facing. Then, we'll set you up with a personalized Ollie demo so you can discover how Ollie can deliver the tools you need for success.

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