Brewery Production Management

Real-time insight into your production trends and performance with intuitive brewery management tools

Manage Your Back-of-House from a Single Streamlined Dashboard

The key to success in today's evolving craft landscape is efficiency. The breweries that uncover the secret formula to be more productive will deliver more growth and sustained success.

Ollie delivers intuitive brewery production solutions and tools that allow brewers and their production teams to spend less time maintaining spreadsheets and more time developing the next big trend in craft beer.

Screenshot of the Ollie Ops brewery management dashboard
Screenshot of the Ollie Ops batch management dashboard with raw material tracking and brew logs

Simplified Batch Management

Ollie makes it easy to track batches by effortlessly monitoring your progress, inventory, ingredients, costs, and more in real-time.

Fermentation Logs

Monitor progress and maintain a high level of quality control with fermentation logs

Cost Breakdown

Track raw materials through each brew log to ensure consistent and sustainable costs

Yeast Management

Get the most out of your yeast and follow each generation across all of your batches


Assign a variety of packaging types for each batch and track across all operations and processes
Screenshot of the Ollie Ops tank and barrel management dashboard

Barrel and Tank Overview

See exactly what's going on in your production facility by getting a real-time snapshot of your tanks and barrels:

  • Easily pitch yeast across tanks
  • Transfer and move batches across your production facility
  • Record and log barrel data
  • See a complete barrel history with one click

Efficient Brewery Production Is Easy and Affordable with Ollie

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With options to match what your operation needs, Ollie easily fits into any budget.

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Ollie can easily scale as your brewery grows and business needs evolve.

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Ready to Transform How You Brew?

Ollie can create efficiencies for your production team by allowing them to spend less time managing processes and more time brewing.

Let's connect and chat about your brewery, the challenges, and the goals you're facing. Then, we'll set you up with a personalized Ollie demo so you can discover how Ollie can deliver the tools you need for success.

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