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As a leading brewery management platform for craft breweries, Ollie is also one easiest and most affordable options available.

To ensure we're hooking you up with the features you need to grow and scale your brewery we encourage you to reach out to our team and schedule a demo. Our brewery consultants will walk you through our various platforms, show you the differences in our offerings and we'll provide you with accurate and affordable pricing.

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Use the table below to really dive into all of the options and levels Ollie offers.

Whether you're just starting out or you're an established brewery in the scene - our brewery consultants can help you find exactly what you need to help you grow and scale your business for success.


Ollie Ops

Ollie Standard

Ollie Premium

Core Features

Compare the core brewery management software features of Ollie and Ekos

Production Management

Floor Plan View

Cost Accounting

Yeast Management

TTB Reporting

Accounting Integration

Ollie integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online

Integrated Brew Day Log

Task Management

Recipe Importer

Import from BeerXML, Beersmith and ProMash

Raw Material Forecasting


Lot Tracking

Dashboard Metrics

Customer Groups

Invoice Generator & Order Status

Self-Distribution Management

Create pick lists, route groups and batch actions

Invoice QR Codes for Deliveries

Pre-Populated Retailer Database

Real-Time Inventory

Build unlimited warehouses in Ollie

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Designed for the beverage alcohol industry

Inventory Allocations & Product Pre-Sale Management

Customer / Prospect Map View

Online Buyer Marketplace

* Comparison information sourced from as of August 2022 and current capabilities may not be reflected above.

Marketing Features

Ollie enables you to utilize the powerful Untappd and Untappd For Business brands to reach more consumers to create more awareness and demand

Taproom Menu Publishing Discount *

* New Customers Only

In-App Untappd Promos *

* 1 promo annually

Untappd Local Venue Badge *

* Requires Untappd for Business
What Are Untappd Badges?

Data & Insights

Get valuable data and analytics to help drive your business your forward

My Brewery Analytics Subscription

A $600 value