Solutions for Inventory and Quality Control

Ditch the spreadsheets and discover real-time inventory management and comprehensive quality control solutions for your brewery
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Manage and Optimize Your Inventory In Real Time

Tracking inventory in spreadsheets or other applications will get you so far. Ollie delivers a real-time inventory management solution built specifically for the craft beer and beverage industry.

Your Entire Inventory

Enable real-time tracking of your raw materials, ingredients, packaging, finished goods, and more

Lot Codes

Easily build and track lot codes from production to distribution for enhanced quality control
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Discover Your True Cost of Goods Sold

Ollie helps you understand exactly how much goes into each batch you produce and sell with our Cost Breakdowns and Cost of Goods Sold report.

Simple, Intuitive Reporting

With a few mouse clicks you can generate a detailed report that delivers your true COGS

Cost Breakdowns

Get detailed cost breakdowns on everything from ingredients to packaging materials

Real-Time Inventory Alerts and Notifications

Low Grain Stock

Your stock of Chocolate Malt is below the specified threshold of 50 pounds. You currently have 45 pounds in inventory.

Low Hop Stock

Your stock of Mosaic is below the specified threshold of 11 pounds. You currently have 10 pounds in inventory.

Low Hop Stock

Your stock of Cascade is below the specified threshold of 11 pounds. You currently have 9 pounds in inventory.
Running low on Mosaic and Cascade? Is your inventory of Chocolate Malt going to make it through brew day? Ollie can proactively alert you when your materials are running low so you can order more and never miss a beat.

Sync Your Inventory to QuickBooks Online

Integrate Ollie with QuickBooks Online to create a seamless experience for inventory management and control.
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Ollie Is The Affordable Way To Track Your Brewery's Inventory In Real Time

Get Pricing & Plans

Flexible Pricing

With options to match what your operation needs, Ollie easily fits into any budget.

Grows With You

Ollie can easily scale as your brewery grows and business needs evolve.

Platform for Success

Dedicated Implentation Specialist

Upgrades Based on Brewer Feedback

Discounts Available

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Ready For A Better Way To Manage Your Inventory?

Bring real-time inventory management and enhance quality control to your brewery with Ollie.

Let's connect and chat about your brewery, the challenges, and the goals you're facing. Then, we'll set you up with a personalized Ollie demo so you can discover how Ollie can deliver the tools you need for success.

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