Real-Time Inventory Control

Track your entire inventory in real-time, from production to distribution

Monitor, Adjust, and Optimize Brewery Inventory in Real-Time

Like any other small business, brewery inventory management plays a crucial role in operational efficiency. Production, sales, distribution, accounting - every process relies on precise inventory counts.

Ollie allows breweries to free themselves of spreadsheets and other inventory management tools by delivering an intuitive way to manage ingredients, packaging materials, finished goods, and more. All in real-time.

Screenshot of the Ollie Ops raw mateirals management dashboard

Manage Kegs, Bottles, Cans, and All Other Packaging Materials

Ollie allows you to easily manage your entire inventory of packaging materials and keep them visible from production to distribution. Easily build or import your inventory and track everything from kegs, cans, to bottle caps.

Low Stock Alerts

Set threshold amounts for each packaging type and receive automatic notification when inventory is running low

Sync to QuickBooks Online

Sync your packaging material inventory to your QuickBooks Online account to ensure accounting consistency
Ollie screenshot of the finished goods management screen

Track and Manage Your Finished Goods Inventory

Keep accurate and real-time counts of your finished goods with Ollie. Avoid clunky spreadsheets and create a collaborative experience across your entire operation from production and sales to distribution.

  • Assign SKUs to each product and container type
  • Quickly see how much is on hand and each unit's price
  • One-click sync to your QuickBooks Online account

There's a Better Way to Manage Your Brewery's Inventory

Get Pricing & Plans

Flexible Pricing

With options to match what your operation needs, Ollie easily fits into any budget.

Grows With You

Ollie can easily scale as your brewery grows and business needs evolve.

Platform for Success

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Upgrades Based on Brewer Feedback

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Let's Simplify Your Inventory

Maintaining a precise inventory is crucial for any brewery. Ollie delivers an easier way to manage and control your inventory, from ingredients to finished goods.

Let's connect and chat about your brewery, the challenges, and the goals you're facing. Then, we'll set you up with a personalized Ollie demo so you can discover how Ollie can deliver the tools you need for success.

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