10 Most Popular Beers in Texas for the Last 90 Days

Published: February 5, 2024
Side by side promotional photo of craft beers from Shiner Bock and Pinthouse Brewing

Data is king in a world that is growing increasingly reliant on analytical information to impact future business-related decisions.

At Ollie, a part of the Next Glass family of brands that includes Untappd for Business, Hop Culture, and BeerAdvocate, among others, we have access to  a breadth of data specific to the worldwide craft beer industry.

With more than eleven million registered users now, Untappd gives us an unprecedented opportunity to gather trends from all the beers app users consume and check in..  We can see data at a hyper-specific level in any city, state, or country worldwide, showing us .  how specific styles are growing, positively or negatively.

This information can help you lean in specific directions when making vital business decisions, like mapping out the brew schedule, choosing which brands to stock on grocery shelves, and deciding what beers to pour out of your taps.

To highlight the data we can generate through Untappd’s analytics, in this piece, we’re breaking down the most checked-in beers in Texas over the last ninety days.

(Above photography courtesy of @shinerbock [on the left] and Pinthouse Brewing [on the right])

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Texas: The Eighth Most Checked-In U.S. State in the Past Year

Graphic from Untappd Insights showing various analytics about beer consumer data in Texas

Graphic courtesy of Untappd Insights

Texas has been a steady presence inside the top ten most checked-in states in the United States for years. Dating back to the start of 2019, the Lone Star State ranks number six of the most checked-in states with 14,514,950 check-ins, taken at 128,937 venues with an average 3.84 rating.

Only Pennsylvania, California, New York, Illinois, and Ohio have checked in more over that span. If we narrow that down to just the past 365 days, Texas slides two spots to number eight of the most checked-in states, with North Carolina and Florida leapfrogging to six and seven, respectively. The other states remained the same, with Ohio and Illinois flip-flopping in the top five.

Texas had 2,011,780 check-ins in the past year, down 392,048 from the previous year.

Despite the drop in overall check-ins in 2023, Texas has remained the seventh-most checked-in state in the last ninety days, jumping North Carolina, with nearly half a million check-ins (475,714).

The bulk of check-ins happened in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area (175,693 check-ins), followed by Houston (111,136), Austin (79,509), and San Antonio (50,939), with virtually the same number taking place on and off-premise.

All data points to Texas as a state home to consistent, steady craft beer consumers. Everything is undoubtedly bigger in Texas, so let’s peel the onion back a little to see the most popular beers over the past three months.

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The 10 Most Popular Beers in Texas – Last 90 Days

Promotional photo for Hopadillo, a craft beer brand from Karbach Brewing Company

Photography courtesy of @karbachbrewing

While IPAs dominated most check-in charts, the Texas check-ins aren’t entirely as lopsided. IPAs hold the second through fourth spots, as well as numbers seven and nine, for five total spots on the top ten most checked-in beers over the past ninety days.

The ever-popular Texas beer Shiner Bock was the most checked-in, with the state’s iconic Electric Jellyfish from Pinthouse slotting in at number two. Since we just celebrated the holidays, two seasonal beers also landed in the top ten—at five and eight, respectively. And a couple of light beers—American lager and kölsch-style—rounded out the top ten.

  1. Shiner Bock (Bock-Single/Traditional) – Spoetzl Brewery
  2.  Electric Jellyfish (New England/Hazy IPA) – Pinthouse Brewing
  3.  Hopadillo IPA (American IPA) – Karbach Brewing Co.
  4. Yellow Rose (American IPA) – Lone Pint Brewery
  5. Christmas Ale (Old/Stock Ale) – Saint Arnold Brewing Co.
  6. Original (Lager-American) – Lone Star Brewing Co.
  7. Art Car IPA (American IPA) – Saint Arnold Brewing Co.
  8. Shiner Holiday Cheer (Wheat Beer-Dunkelweizen) – Spoetzl Brewery
  9. Half-Life (New England/Hazy IPA) – Manhattan Project Beer
  10. Love Street (Kolsch-Style Light Beer) – Karbach Brewing Co.
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