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Published: August 1, 2020

BC’s liquor industry is working hard to find silver linings to #2020. Temporary wholesale liquor pricing can be chalked up in the “win” column. To take advantage of these pricing model changes, there are some things you need to know, and do so let’s get this done!

BCLDB Wholesale Pricing
We bet you already know that from 20 July 2020, the BC Government has approved a temporary pricing model that enables hospitality licensees to purchase liquor at wholesale pricing. That’s awesome!

But, what you might not know is that our Ollie Order and Ollie Logistics customers will be allowed to sell their product at wholesale pricing to hospitality customers too until March 31, 2021.

Let’s break this down!

What you need to do to be ready for Wholesale Pricing
So, the impact of this change is:

  • Packaged product pricing will be affected but
  • Kegs won’t be affected as they’re generally already sold at wholesale rates.

ICYMI: LBD Wholesale Operations have said:

“To support industry recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Provincial government has approved a temporary pricing model for hospitality licensees to purchase liquor at the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) wholesale price until March 31, 2021.”

“The LDB is following a two-phased approach to quickly implement the required systems changes. The first phase will be delivered by July 20, 2020, when hospitality customers will be able to purchase liquor at wholesale price.”

Please note:

  • Hospitality customers will continue to pay retail price on their orders until July 20, 2020.
  • There will be no changes to the current returns policy – all sales are considered final. Details on return guidelines can be found here.

The second phase will be completed by September 1, 2020 and will provide hospitality customers access to the wholesale price list online.”

What you need to do in your Ollie by Sunday 19th July:

You must jump in and update your pricing!

Your deadline to update your pricing:‍

  • EOD (next Friday) July 17th.
  • EOD Sunday July 19th if you do place orders on weekends.


Because once an order hits “shipped” status on Monday at 12:01am, whatever price you have listed in your Ollie Order product list will be locked in.

If you forget:

It’s not the end of the world, but you might be in for a bit of a hassle as you’ll have to jump in and individually amend each order that comes through using retail pricing.

Need more info? Check out our support docs

I’ve created GIFs to show bulk editing processes in Ollie Order and Ollie Logistics.

If you follow the process relevant to you, you’ll blitz through updating your pricing so fast and without any heartache! This is because you won’t have to go into each product individually.

Super-user Hacks: Don’t forget to use the “tab” key on your keyboard to jump between columns when updating your pricing.

Jump to my How-To’s:
For Ollie Order Customers:

For Ollie Logistics (only) Customers:

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