Get paid instantly and reduce your accounts receivable on order

Published: January 27, 2021

Bring your own payment processor!

We have expanded the platform to connect the top payment gateways used by alcohol brands every day. No longer do you need to log in and out of Ollie and process payments on an external tool or system. Simply go to your Settings > Payments & Financial and add your gateway details.

We currently have support for many of the major gateways requested by Ollie users including Moneris,, Elevon, Stripe, and Bambora.

  • Fully integrated into the Ollie Platform
  • Charge cards on file on order and send payments through your plugged in payment processor
  • Access to Ollie’s buyer customer card database.
  • Integrated payments tab with payment history, status, and source card charge on all orders
  • Refund payments on the order. Apply, a full or partial refund
  • Regenerate DOC 60 on refund or order change to reflect the final correct charges
  • Included in Ollie Standard, Growth, and Enterprise Subscription

Want to learn more? Curious if you can connect your payment processor?

We look forward to hearing from you all on this feature and how we can get you plugged in and collecting payment on your orders. Reach out to support or sales anytime with questions.

Have any ideas or feature requests? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected] and let us know what you’d like see in Ollie.

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