Agents sales tool for teams and ordering with LDB

Build incredible relationships with your customers via Ollie. Manage orders on behalf of your customer to the LDB, track visits and activities all in one place.
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A screenshot of the Ollie agents ordering dashboard on a desktop computer

Stand out features used by the top agents in B.C.

A screenshot of the Ollie agents ordering dashboard on a desktop computer

Import agents can place orders direct with the LDB on behalf of their customers.

Place orders on behalf of your customers and submit directly to the LDB if its for new products, pre-sale products or existing stocked products.
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Living & shoppable digital product portfolio

Deliver awesome customer experiences across your multiple sales channels.Give your customers what they want: reliable, transparent and accountable independent liquor partners.

Customers & Activities

A centralized place for customers, prospects, and groups. Classify and arrange your team's accounts and see all customer profiles in one place. Track a range of activities including calls, visits, expenses and issues related to each and every customer. See all your customers details, users and get directions from the road.
Ollie sales and brewery production dashboard on laptop

Sales and data analysis

See the sum of all your activities in our real-time reports. Identify weak areas of activity that need your attention.Who is doing what? And how active are they? Calculate it all via reports you can export or in real-time.