Brewer holding a laptop with Ollie customer record management dashboard on screen
CRM For Craft Breweries

Customer & Sales Management for Craft Breweries

An easy-to-use CRM designed for craft breweries that enables your sales team to spend more time selling your brand and less team dealing with admin tasks.

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Activity Feed

All Your Activites - In One Feed

Need to quickly see what’s happening with your customers or what your sales team is up to?

Ollie’s Activity Feed allows you to quickly digest every interaction so you can easily stay on top of everything and ensure everyone is taken care of.

Brewery sales and customer activity and interaction tracking through Ollie
Agile Activity Tracking

Calls, Visits, Issues - Easily Track Everything

When activities and interactions aren’t logged properly miscommunications and missed opportunities are bound to happen.

Enable your sales team to quickly and efficiently record all types of activities from anywhere, on any type of device.

Graphis displaying the sales order integration functionality of Ollie
Sales Order Integration

Quickly and Easily Retrieve Invoices

There is nothing worse than wasting time looking for an invoice, especially when you need to dig one up quickly.

Ollie integrates sales orders directly with your customer records to make storing and retrieving invoices a breeze.

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