• OlliePlant Sipper System

    Water Use

    By using the plants natural capillary action and allowing the plants to feed themselvesyou gain bigger, stronger and longer lasting plants..

  • OlliePlant Sipper System

    Reduction In

    Ollie ensures that water and nutrients are delivered in the right quantity to the root of the plants, resulting in improved root development and optimal plant growth..

  • OlliePlant Sipper System


    Each Ollie tank can be simply installed at the bottom of the planter where it will act as a reservoir and feed the plant as and when required..

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Our Products 100% Water Efficient, Made from Recycled Material

fp insert

OPS Inserts

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes they can be incorporated into containerized plants to provide water and nutrients at the plant's roots.

fp linkabletank

OPS Linkable Tanks

An excellent solution for watering plant displays in interior and exterior landscaping projects and are available in a variety of shapes of sizes.

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