An advanced subterranean irrigation system – for interior and exterior planting applications.

The Ollie Plant Sipper system is a revolutionary irrigation system suitable for a variety of internal and external planting applications and landscaping projects. Embedded beneath the roots of trees and plants, the system ensures that water and nutrients are absorbed, resulting in stronger root development and healthier blooms. This cost effective, easy to install solution is a proven system widely used across the world. Today Green Theory Distributors is the exclusive North American importer and distributor. Its has been specified and installed on many projects across Canada and the US for over 25 years.


How Does it Work?

The innovatively designed yellow Ollie tanks are filled with water via a filter pipe and act as a reservoir for the plant. This allows the plants to draw water, nutrients and oxygen naturally through capillary action as and when needed, ensuring quick establishment and a healthy start for trees and plants.

Installing an Ollie system is simple and may be easily installed by home gardeners and commercial landscapers. To find out more about the system and how it can be installed take a look through our Ollie Video links or take a look through our online Docummenation. 


Ollie Plant Sipper System Benefits:

• Creates healthy root development for trees and plants
• Plant roots absorb water through capillary action from the yellow Ollie tanks
• Easy to install
• Cost effective solution
• Can be used in a variety of projects
• Proven system
• Eliminates over-watering and water wastage
• Aerates soil
• Reduces watering frequency
• A subterranean system
• No mechanical, electrical or moving parts
• Manufactured in the UK, all parts are recyclable

Our Clients Review Our Past Projects

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